Zero Waste Solid Conditioning Bar-Conditioner

Zero Waste Solid Conditioning Bar-Conditioner


Our Zero Waste Solid Conditioning Bars come in a reusable tin container. Our Hair conditioner is made from the best Butter for your hair.  Kokum Butter is known to be great for Hair, it has great properties and treats dry and damaged hair. It makes hair roots and follicles strong.  Along with the other Nourishing Oils and Essential Oils, this bar is a must-have for your beautiful hair.


3oz of pure goodness

should last between 80-100 uses depends on how you using it


How to use; once you have washed your hair and it is nice and wet,  run the bar through your hair until it is covered with our nourishing conditioner. A LITTLE goes a LONG WAY.


how to store your bar; keep in DRY place until next use.