Honeycomb (Sensitive skin)

Honeycomb (Sensitive skin)

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Our Honeycomb is perfect for those with super sensitive skin issues. It is loaded with key Essential Ingredients for Sensitive skin.  The Oatmeal and Colloidal oats in our bar are known to help yield clean and clear skin, remove dead skin cells, help with oily prone skin, and are a natural exfoliating.


It is perfect for any skin type, even the most sensitive skin will benefit due to its known anti-inflammatory properties. We have added honey to our bar to make it even more beneficial for sensitive skin and for is known as a natural antibacterial, it is extremely moisturizing and soothing to the skin, this bar is gentle enough for a baby. There is no fragrance added to this bar, we left it 100% natural. 


This is a VERY Big bar 13oz bar

We suggest you cut your bar in half :)