Purse Size Set Lotion (3  - 2oz Bottles)

Purse Size Set Lotion (3 - 2oz Bottles)


Not sure which of our Lotions you would love, try out? Our Purse Size is the perfect choice for you,  you can pick Three 2oz bottles of your choice. The 2oz bottles are a perfect size to carry in your purse.


Enjoy a nice rich hydrating lotion. :)


If you don't see the one you want Messages me and I will let you know if we have it.



PLEASE, PLEASE Make sure you know what you are allergic to. Read carefully what Essential Oils are in our Product.  Some folks are Allergic to certain Essential Oils.

Option 1: Love Goat's Milk Lotion E.O
Option 2: Peace Goat's Milk Frag