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Nourishing Hair Oil Treatment

Nourishing Hair Oil Treatment

SKU: 0104

Hair Treatment Oil, 100% Natural Oil Oil and herbs that are known for their great hair benefits.



  • In love with our Nourishing Serum Oil blend for Hair & Face!!! It is perfect for thinning and hair loss.  I have Combined Oils, Herbs with Essential Oils, making this a must-have for everyone. The Serum revitalizes hair follicles & re-grow hair. The Oils are fast absorbing and you only need a bit on the tips of your fingers to get results.  Massage it onto your scalp and then run your fingers through your wet hair for soft manageable hair. Works great on Damaged, brittle hair can be used as a daily leave-in serum, heat protectant, smoother for frizz control. Also Great for skincare, use whatever you have left on your hands on your face. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. 
  • How to use;

Once out of the shower get a few drops onto your palm or directly onto the affected area, massage it, then run the remainder of what's left on your palms to the rest of your hair or on your skin.  Stile as normal, Enjoy Natural Manageable Hair, and great skin






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Be aware of your allergies, we can not be responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to this product.


    Infused Grape Seed Oil ( Ginger, Neem Leaves and Fennel Seed ), Infused SunFlower Oil ( Black Seeds ), Rose Hip oil, Daikon Seed Oil, Castro Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argon Oil, Black seed Oil, Neem Oil, Broccoli Oil, Vitamin E, Preservative  Lavender & Sandalwood Essential Oil


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