Very Sexy Men (Clay Collection)

Very Sexy Men (Clay Collection)

SKU: 0113

Wow this bar smells so good, The Fragrance name is right on, you know when you're not facing someone but they pass you by and your head turns from the cologne he is wearing?? Ladies if you have that special someone in your life this Sexy Bar is the bar for him.  You don't even need to tell him that the bar is loaded with great skin-loving ingredients that are beneficial for his skin. For example one of the ingredients; Red Clay that is absolutely amazing, all clays contain minerals that soothe skin and absorb excess oil, but the high levels of iron oxide in red clay explain why it’s particularly useful for purifying, brightening, and strengthening the skin.


    Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Tussah Silk, Sugar, Colloidal Oats, Kaolin Clay, Vitamin E, Cream, Citric Acid, Water, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide, Denim Blue Mica, Red Clay, Activated Charcoal, Fragrance


    All sales are FINAL please be sure to carfully read the ingredients section before purchasing any product to ensure that you are not alergic to any of the ingredients in our products. 

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