Refreshing Foaming Body Wash

Refreshing Foaming Body Wash


All Natural Body Wash, perfect for those that are looking to only use Natural Quality products.  Wonderful Hydrating Cocoa Butter and Sunflower Oil in this fabulous, bubbly wash.  This is a perfect Multi-Use. great as a body wash, or as hand wash. It has an amazing Fragrance, an Essential oil blend of effervescent camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, and rosemary.  That is invigorating!  It is so good that you can rest assured that your skin will love it. This body Liquid Soap will leave your skin feeling Hydrated and Nourished.  Your skin will be happy you gave it a try.


Use with a Loofah Bath Sponge or washcloth and enjoy lots of Bubble action.



You get 8oz of Sulfate-Free no Alcohol Foaming Pump bottal, All Natural Body Care. ONLY Skin Loving Ingredients.  Pick the one that's for you?


Option 1: Relax