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Ravissant Artisan

Ravissant Artisan


This amazing, beautiful blend of colors should be an add-on to your Artisan Soap collection.  Our beautiful  Ravissant is so pretty and has an addictive blend of ambery musk, saffron, and patchouli nuanced with a touch of lemon and jasmine.  With all the skin-loving ingredients in the bar, you can rest assured that your skin will love how it feels.




Option 1: Relax
  • Ingredients;

    Ingredients; Coconut Oil, Olive Oil Sourced Locally, Canola Oil, Kaolin Clay, Sugar, Vitamin E, Tussah Silk, Colloidal Oats, Water, Food Grade Sodium Hydroxide,White Mica, Blue Mica Pretty Purple Mica, Yellow Mica and Fragrance

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