Bath Bomb Gift Set ( 4Bath bombs)

Bath Bomb Gift Set ( 4Bath bombs)


Perfect Gift for that someone that loves to take a bath. Enjoy a Relaxing bath with a Glass of wine and let all the stress evaporate.


Your skin will love how it feels with all the Natural Ingredients that we add to our Bath Bombs, your skin will feel silky. You get Four Fabulous skin-loving 🥰 Bath 🛁 Bombs. Our Bath Bombs will color your water, NOT your tub as long as your Tub is clean and has no build-up scum you have nothing to worry about. Just enjoy a nice relaxing, and hydrating Bath.  You get Two Specialty (i.e, Essential Oils, or Special Ingredients like Clays) Bath Bombs and Two of our Fragrance Bath Bombs.


Perfect Gift for that Special Person.


Find us at one of our events and pick one up, or order online and let me know which 4 Bath Bombs add to the beautiful Tub Gift Set.